CSR – Youth is a bottom-up initiative started by people involved in non-governmental sector and business. We cooperate directly with groups that you can support. We know their needs, that is why we can offer the most effective solutions beneficial for both sites.

The initiator of CSR – Youth is Autokreacja Foundation that for years carries out social projects that contribute to stronger cooperation between the third sector, public administration and business. It connects not only people, but also institutions that have common goal. That is why Autokreacja developed partnerships with many organisations in Poland and in the world  (for example in Nepal, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, India and Philippines), creating a network of institutions actively engaged in development of civil society.

Within economic activity, the foundation supports development of CSR strategies and projects – a field that determines relationship between business and broadly understood environment.

Autokreacja Foundation is built on passion related to working with people and as a social partner has direct contact with communities that require support. Many projects were established to promote multiculturalism, social entrepreneurship and cultural exchange through learning about different lifestyles and views on the world. In its projects, Autokreacja invests time and energy in those initiatives which give opportunity to directly interact with the participants.


  • We occur as a social partner.
  • We have a network of international contacts, including organisations that practice cooperation between non-profit organisations and business.
  • We have experience in working with partners from Europe and Asia.
  • We develop fast by engaging in new projects, creating new initiatives and focus on working with youth, social entrepreneurship and CSR.
  • We recognize the need of cooperation between non-profit organisations and business for social capital development.


Katarzyna Luczak

She cooperates with business, writes and implements high quality social projects based on three-sector cooperation. At the moment she runs a project with Asian countries, such as Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, India.


Iris works with a team of youth employment professionals in Plan International Asia as Youth Employment Solutions Associate. She manages regional programs implemented by Plan and builds relationships with regional development agencies and private sector actors. She brings in 5 years of experience in project management, business development, and youth engagement to the field of youth employment and decent work.

Maria Romero

Maria has a diverse experience in the charity sector and currently is working  as a volunteer in the finance department at Indoamerican Refugee Migrant Organisation (IRMO), a community-led organisation that provides Latin American migrants with tools and information to build fulfilled, independent, and integrated lives in the UK.

Ragland Devadass